January 4, 2010

Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts

47th Annual

Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts

Event dates: June 25, 26 & 27 2010

Lake Oswego, Oregon USA

Next June the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts will present the exhibition Luminous Layers, Exploring Contemporary Encaustic. I had the pleasure to be invited by the curator Linda Womack to be one of the featured artist of this event. I will take this opportunity to exhibit encaustic monoprints for the first time. This new series will be posted later on. For your information, there will be a Juried Exhibit on encaustic works and the deadline is February 1st to send in your proposal. This Festival draws in an impressive 22-25,000 people and the featured artists form a dynamic and impressive group. Therefore this should definitely be an interesting event. For more information please click here.