May 31, 2010

Fourth Annual Encaustic Conference

Last year's panel, in which four museum conservators discussed the archival issues of wax and encaustic.
Photo : Jordan Elquist

June is now a milestone in my year as it is the fourth time in a row that I attend and teach at the Annual Encaustic Conference. For this edition, I have the pleasure to be invited by it's director, Joanne Mattera, to participate on the main panel. The discussion will evolve around the diverse aspects of having a career as an artist, more specifically artists working with encaustic. The practical aspects and the day to day chores of running a career are probably the most uncharted territory in Art Schools and Universities. We usually have to learn by guessing our way through or reading a few books on the subject. Fifteen years ago, I had the opportunity after graduating from University, to work numerous years as a studio assistant for several artists, mainly for Tom Hopkins. In many respects, this was way more formative than my school years and in times, it felt like I was doing a master degree. In addition, I worked for merely three years in a commercial gallery, where I was actively involved in most aspects of running such a business.

Our goal on this panel is to exchange as much information as possible, bouncing off ideas regarding the art career and the logistics involved. We will engage this panel as a discussion with the 250 participants attending. From what I saw in the previous years, I am sure we will have tons of comments, personal stories, questions and responses arising from the room, which should make the morning more than dynamic...

I will have the pleasure to share the panel with Elena De La Ville, Eileen Goldenberg, Barbara Moody and Jane Allen Nodine. Joanne Mattera will be the moderator and since she's the writer of the notorious Marketing Mondays, I'm sure she will have a lot to add to the conversation. For more information on this event and the panelists, please click here.

Luminous Layers

Alexandre Masino
Les arabesques du temps I, 2010
Encaustic monotype on Kozo paper
11" x 17"

Luminous Layers;
Exploring Contemporary Encaustic

47th Annual
Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts
June 25, 26 & 27, 2010
Lake Oswego, Oregon USA

At the end of the month, I will be one of the featured artists in the group exhibition Luminous Layers, Exploring Contemporary Encaustic curated by Linda Womack. I am pleased to present in this event six still lifes from my first series of encaustic monotypes. The Festival draws an impressive 25,000 people and the featured artists form a dynamic group of encaustic painters and sculptors. For a list of all the artists and more information on the event please click here.

Alexandre Masino
De la lumière à la lumière I, 2010
Encaustic monotype on Kozo paper
11" x 17"