September 15, 2009

Joanne Mattera in Brooklyn

Silk Road series installation wall

Photos courtesy of Joanne Mattera

I had the chance to see some of Joanne's new Silk Road paintings when she came to Montréal last August. I have always been keen to this series ever since I saw some at the Schlosberg Gallery at the Montserrat College of Art during the International Conference on Encaustic. Her new paintings are stunning. They evoke a meditative realm while calling the viewers attention to look, reflect and discover what lies within and beyond these layers. The edges are rich with vibrancy and can only be appreciated in the real. The relation of color and transparency found in these new works resonate with such complexity, that you become completely absorbed by these paintings. The series exhibited at Metaphor are done in a range of cooler tones echoing the element of water. If you are in the area, seeing the show in the flesh is a must, if you are not around New York check out Joanne's blog for more images of the show and installation shot of her paintings.

Silk Road 116, 2009, Encaustic on panel 12"x12"

Photos courtesy of Joanne Mattera

Slippery When Wet
September 18-November 22
Opening Friday, September 18, 6:00-9:00 pm

Artists include :Suzan Batu, Susan Homer, Joanne Mattera, Nancy Manter,
Andrew Mockler, Don Muchow and Peter Schroth

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